Resolutions - Five of five

Published December 31, 2005


This is the one that has my attention most at the moment. I’ve been thinking recently about changing the layout of the blog, and I did a couple of test designs, but they didn’t really seem to work. Then I realised, I like how my blog looks at the moment.

And once I’d decided not to change it completely, I realised that the scope was there to make it better. Don’t ditch it, make it better. So that’s what I’m trying to do.

The first step is to get rid of the bits that no one is really interested in. No one really cares what songs I buy on iTunes, so that’s gone from the navigation. I posted a picture of David Tennant a while back, and that meant I couldn’t put him in the Desktop pictures, because I’d already told you about him. Why can’t I just do that in the future? Bye bye Desktop section.

Other areas are getting a complete revamp - look out for changes in the recipes, and the reviews. I’m no longer going to post lyrics to people’s songs (there are Copyright issues that I do try and obey - stolen pictures aside!). I have the seedling of an idea for a ‘Music I Like’ section but I am putting it on the backburner to give some of the other sites prominence.

I mentioned the transcripts I am going to be writing, so there’s scope for a whole Writing area, with links to my poetry and stories. All good things to come soon.

On the subject of writing, I’ve decided to try and update much more often. You may have noticed how infrequently I have been posting. The problem is that I can’t think of anything to say and then several things crop up at once. I’ve started finding a little bit of time in the mornings - so the aim is to update almost everyday. This includes posting a picture and a 101 Words entry, instead of leaving them and posting ten or more at the same time.

That’s the aim - no promises though.

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