Jools Holland has ruined my year

Published December 31, 2005

It was kinda a tradition. To sit down and relax with a glass of something strong, a duvet to snuggle under and the remote control.

Now I find out this:

…If we’re not whooping it up and dodging strangers’ saliva in someone’s nasty flat as Big Ben bongs, we feel consigned to the socio-economic sector that picks its spots in its anorak in front of Jools Holland’s Hootenanny - which I recently found out, to my naive disappointment, is filmed much earlier in the day, even though they’ve got a great big clock and all the celebrities cheer at pretend-midnight. Not that I’ve ever seen it, of course.

Joanna Briscoe, The Independent

It’s pre-recorded?!?! I feel cheated out of the last few years. The entire time that we watched and felt the anticipation of the clock counting down, and then the elated happiness as we watched celebrities get drunker and have a fantastic New Year. All complete lies. I am gutted.

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