Electric avenue

Published November 20, 2005

We have purchased a laptop, something Mr C has been talking about and thinking about for way too long now. We looked at one, we walked around a bit, looked at some more, and then went back to the one we first thought of. But either way, I was pretty excited about the new and shininess of it.

So, because he would be playing on his new toy for the rest of the weekend, I was granted permission to purchase some new games for the Playstation. First on the list: The Sims 2. Although I have been bored of the game on the computer, this would mean a complete new wave of interest, and what I’ve seen so far is pretty impressive. My one concern is that I created a Sim and was just testing the waters, and somehow, within about three hours of knowing each other, she had married another Sim called Ossie. Hmmm.

We also got SSX On Tour, having loved SSX 3, although there seems to be a lot more to this one, and it’s got a scarily complicated menu system. But if I get stuck with that, I can always try Tony Hawks American Wasteland, which is just too cool. Within five minutes, a character was saying I was a grungin’ homie or something along those lines, and I don’t know what that is. I think it’s a good thing, but I am not totally sure.

And if that wasn’t enough, today I have to finish off the website I have been working on. This website is the reason I have been ignoring my lovely Woke Up for a while, but not for too much longer. The main idea is done, just a few technical hitches that I need Mr C to help me out with, and then we should be up and running.

God help us if we have a power cut.

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