Top ten things I like about my new PVR

Published November 14, 2005

  1. It’s new. I like things that are shiny and new.
  2. It has a TV guide within it that is actually correct. Our previous Freeview box kept losing the time and would show us a guide for the following day. Not very helpful.
  3. Within said TV Guide, you can schedule a recording with one click. It doesn’t always work and I’ve yet to figure out why it is so selective, but when it does, it’s pretty fabulous.
  4. You can rewind live television. As soon as you change channels, it begins recording what you are watching for up to half an hour. No more “What did she just say?”
  5. You can pause live television.
  6. You can pause live television whilst you are recording something else. Now that is clever.
  7. There’s no more worrying about only having three hours on a tape, or whether you are recording over something important. We’ve got 40ish hours before you even need to think about deleting anything.
  8. It completely revolutionises my evenings. Instead of scheduling things around my television guide, I can just record everything and watch it at my leisure. (Sometimes, when I write things down, I suddenly realise how much I really do need to get a life!)
  9. It had the facility for Top Up TV, which means we just had to get it. We can’t have potential being unfulfilled now, can we?
  10. I watched Entertainment Tonight! This has nothing to do with the PVR, but I was quite excited about it.
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