Top ten weblogs I am reading at the moment

Published August 13, 2005

  1. Ms. Mac - I must place Ms Mac at the head of my list as I actually stole this Top Ten idea from her. Although a lot of Ms Mac’s entries are about domestic chores and walking up steep hills, she likes Big Brother, has an ever-changing Boyfriend of the Week and makes me laugh. (Link inactive)
  2. Dooce - I started reading Heather’s blog a long time ago, before she held the cult status that she does today. As I’ve mentioned before, when things become too popular I start to back away from them, but Dooce manages to keep me hooked.
  3. Joshua Called Me - Richard lives in Scotland and talks about computers, games and films. He’s often quite witty about life as well. (Link inactive)
  4. Jonny B’s Secret Diary - Very funny insights into living in the depths of the country.(Link inactive)
  5. A Girl With A [dot] Com - Pretty rude and outspoken but often with amusing results.(Link inactive)
  6. Suburban Bliss - I have no idea why I like this so much. It’s a mommy blog which means there’s a lot of talk of children and family and love and stuff. I think the writing is excellent and is probably what keeps me coming back for more.(Link inactive)
  7. Defective Yeti - This time it’s a Daddy blog, but one who doesn’t mention his son that often and refers to him as The Squirrelly when he does. Has some interesting insights on life and love.(Link inactive)
  8. Mighty Girl Blog - Actually a friend of Dooce’s (who isn’t?), this blog was created to note down overhead conversations that were interesting or just plain crazy.
  9. Yeah, But Is It Art? - Some of the more complex posts go over my head, but can be very funny. (Link inactive)
  10. Random Burblings - I often find the font on this blog too hard to read, and have to really be in the mood to do so, but when I make the effort, it’s usually worthwhile. (Link inactive)

Disclaimer: This list is a current state of affairs and shouldn’t be taken as definitive or never-changing. It’s a snapshot of life right now and I don’t want it held against me in the future.

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