Published August 15, 2005

I watched the first three episodes of LOST on E4 last night, and I just have a couple of questions.

  1. Given the acres and acres of ocean that they were flying over, what exactly are the odds of the plane crash landing on the island itself and not in the water?
  2. What are the programme makers going to do if the show is infinitely successful but people start leaving? There’s no way to bring in fresh blood on a deserted island. What, another plane just happens to crash? Or, a tribal village that no one spotted for the previous however many series'?
  3. Why does no one seem to care that a loved one has died? They were all either travelling alone or the person that matters to them has survived with them? How convenient.
  4. Why does whatever is making that noise in the forest, sound like it belongs on Jurassic Park?
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