Another prolonged absence

Published July 4, 2005

You may have noticed that I’ve been missing for a while, but then again, you may not. Either way, I’m back.

It all started when Mr C used the computer and it broke. I’m not holding him responsible but it was fine when I was using it the day before… you be the judge. It only took him five hours to fix it which I think is pretty impressive. The website, however, took a bit longer. My computer is now using XP (boo, hiss) but it does mean I can actually get the iPod Shuffle working (yay!).

Now that everything is going swimmingly again, I was pondering on how far back to blog about. Should I write about things that happened last week? A blog is supposed to be current and up to date, and if I’m wittering on about outdated news, no-one’s going to care, are they?

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