I can't watch

Published June 25, 2005

I mentioned previously that whenever I vote for something, it has the opposite effect than what I’m aiming for, so I’m not voting for anything ever again. Remember that? Well, since I went and sat in front of the television, Andy Murray has gone from two sets up to playing catch up in the fifth set. This is ridiculous. Does that mean I can’t watch tennis anymore either because they’ll all lose? What if I pretend to start rooting for the other guy… will I fool it? Either way, I couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

(Okay, the real reason I’m not watching is that we keep losing the signal and it’s all blotchy and squealy and it was driving me crazy. I am constantly checking the Wimbledon website for the latest score but I really should stop because he is losing and it’s all my fault…)

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