Too chicken to see it through

Published July 4, 2005

I’m disappointed. My television has disappointed me. I’ve been watching the new series of Cutting It with interest as the writing has been superb and the acting first class. The storyline with Allie finding out she has cancer was done brilliantly.

I read an interview with her in a TV guide and she said she was leaving so I said to Mr C “She’s definitely dying of the cancer.”

He said: “How do you know?”

“She said she was leaving.”

“Yeah, but I bet she won’t.”

“How do you figure?”

“She’ll have a miracle and get better and then she’ll swan off into the sunset and never look back.”



“No. Do you want to bet?”


Yes, that’s right people, Mr C and I are a little bit morbid and bet that the character would pop her clogs. I said she would, he said she wouldn’t die of cancer.

So imagine my consternation when she exits the hospital having just been given the all clear, and she is knocked down crossing the road. Who wins the bet? I said she would die and she did. He said she wouldn’t die of cancer and she didn’t. The bet is null and void. Not fair.

Quite aside from the fact that I lost out on £2 from that particular scene, I was also miffed that they’d done it like that. I know that they were going for the shock exit thing, building up the viewer’s hopes that she’s all better and then bam, killing her off anyway. But I just felt like they didn’t have the guts to actually finish off the cancer storyline, whether she got better or not. They’d gone so far with it and been so realistic, that I was hoping for a proper conclusion, one that happens to everyday people. They wimped out and I wasn’t impressed.

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