Published July 13, 2004

I had such a good post planned. I was thinking it up the whole time I was doing the ironing (which spanned the listening of all of my newly downloaded The Calling album - yes, there were that many clothes). I had it all perfectly written in my head and had just sat down to post it… when what happens? Mr C happens.

I don’t want to complain, but when I have to sit and search through a half hour programme on Radio 4 for a non-existent clip featuring Bono of U2 fame, thus forgetting the perfect entry I had spent such a long time preparing… I’m forgiven for being a little miffed, right?

So instead of the witty, cleverly written piece of prose you could have been reading, you’re stuck with this, a whinge that isn’t exactly riveting reading. Sorry, but you know where to place the blame. (Bono.)

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