Published July 15, 2004

I’ve got a couple of days off and I’m being quite productive with them for a change. Instead of just sitting around and doing nothing, I’m sitting around and getting things done! It’s great.

I just set up Thunderbird with all my mailboxes and things. I’ve been sorting out my websites and getting them sorted out on this new system, and also setting up Apache to be able to do PHP. Don’t I sound like I know what I’m talking about?

It’s a horrible day outside, it’s too cold to go out without a coat or a jumper or something, but it’s too hot to actually wear it all the time. I hate days like this. Better off inside, I guess, in front of my computer!

And in case you’re wondering… I still can’t remember the post I was going to do a couple of days ago. I know it was about a fax machine and I know it was better than it sounds but the actual content has disappeared. Dammit.

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