Games galore

Published July 9, 2004

I’ve never wanted a day to go so fast in my whole life. And did it? Nope. But now I’ll push the never-ending day from my mind and concentrate on the good stuff. For my birthday (a rather belated present, but TOTALLY worth the wait), I got a new computer. A brand spanking new computer with a marvellous graphics card and a super duper silver screen. It’s just the best thing ever.

And of course, now I have a big stack of games waiting for me (although I’m still waiting for The Sims 2 and the next Tomb Raider - won’t hold my breath for that last one), and I want to play them all so much, I can’t decide which one to do first. I think… Prince of Persia is the way to go.

And I’d just like everyone to know that I didn’t buy Heat this week - a step up in the world of intelligence, eh?

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