Published February 16, 2004

I wanted to watch Unbreakable last night because I just knew any film with Bruce in it was going to be worth watching… I was wrong. I suddenly realised it was over and I’d not been touched by it at all. Both actors were good, the settings and scenes were all mysterious but they didn’t stitch together properly. It spent so long trying to persuade Willis’ character that he’s unbreakable that nothing else happens. The thing the director seems to have missed is that movie-goers are open to anything, we don’t need to have an hour and a half of proof to make us believe something is possible in the world of film (- we swallow the Matrix without blinking, don’t we?).

I can appreciate that they’re trying to make it as real as possible, but just by adding the words ‘real life’ and ‘reality’ at five minute intervals doesn’t make it so. Perhaps they should have spent more time developing what could have been a really great and interesting idea, instead of trying to convince us that it was possible.

Anyway, rant over, I’ve had a busy Monday, and my arm is driving me crazy from when I burnt it on the iron last week. I was going to post something yesterday but I was so busy updating my stories, that I didn’t quite find time.

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