Feeling crafty

Published February 14, 2004

I’ve just returned from the most magical of shops, a new discovery of mine - Hobbycraft. The adverts on the TV are typically annoying but they obviously worked on me because I hotfooted it over there and could have spent hours and hours in that store. Unfortunately, I managed to only stay there for an hour because I (very sadly) wanted to catch the end of the Coronation Street omnibus.

Anyway, I got a little Piglet tapestry and some colouring and some friendship bracelet thread. How crafty! The thing is that the shop is so huge and there’s so much stuff it’s just completely overwhelming and it makes me want to try my hand at everything! If I ever had children I’d want them to have a basket full of goodies that they could just turn to whenever they felt like it. Glue and sparkly things and paper and felt and all sorts of things.

Check out this trailer on Apple. Now, not only does the film look splendid and educational and all, it’s also got Ioan Gruffudd in it and I’d forgotten how gorgeous the man is! Yum!

I have lots of website things to be getting on with tonight, but I’m torn between watching TV, reading my book or doing some of my Hobbycraft stuff… decisions, decisions!

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