Two rants, one comment, and cooking news

Published February 17, 2004

Rant No. 1

I do not understand birthdays at work.

If it’s your birthday, at many offices you have to go out and buy some cakes or donuts or cookies, or a selection of all three. Everyone very graciously wishes you happy birthday and thanks you for the sweet treats. It’s all nice and pleasant.

But my birthday means nothing to me, I’d rather the day just went by like any other. I don’t particularly enjoy eating the cakes that other people bring in, nor my own, so it really starts to feel like… why should I bother?

Roll on the year my birthday falls on a Saturday.

Rant No. 2

My watch broke a while ago, and I found a replacement that I want from Argos. But when I discuss the watch with others, they turn their nose up, even though it’s a perfectly nice watch.

I know Argos isn’t the best shop in the world, but if it’s got what I want, why shouldn’t I buy it from there? I’m notoriously bad at picking something out that’s got to last me a while (like a coat, shoes or a watch) so when I find something I actually like, I should snap it up, right?

Anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that if someone compliments you on your bag or your top or your shoes and then wrinkles their nose up when you say where it’s from, that makes them shallow, it does not make you cheap.

A comment

We all knew that the Brits this year were going to be based around The Darkness, but seriously, they really were! Could anyone else get a look in? Possibly Beyoncé did and that’s only because she’s gorgeous!

Cooking news…

Well, I missed Holby City because I was baking some ginger biscuit type things which although a little burnt around the edges tasted yummy in the middle. I baked some bread also, which looked fabulous in its loaf tin and when I split it open to have a look, actually had the texture of bread. It smells a little too yeasty for me but I think this is a step in the right direction towards perfect bread.

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