Bed vs. boredom

Published March 8, 2004

Well, I’m snuggled under a duvet, with a mug of hot orange squash (was anyone else brought up with that as the staple hot drink to recover from a cold?), and half watching my favourite James Bond movie. I know, I know, I should be in bed, but sleep rarely finds me in the middle of the day and if I go there, I’m only going to lie down and fidget and sigh and get a headache, so I might as well be being productive, right? Of course, if that theory is true then there’s not really a good reason why I can’t be at work, but as I attempted to go in this morning and got a little scared by the dizziness and the hot and cold flushes, I thought it best to come home.

And before that, two nights of waiting up for F1 (we won’t mention the fact that I managed to wake up in time to watch the practice which was dull as dishwater, and then stay up all night to watch the actual race, only to fall asleep two minutes before the race started! Grrr. And then woke up two minutes after it had finished, only to see Michael S taking to the podium - so it would appear I didn’t miss much!).

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