Published May 25, 2003

I’m feeling kinda good about myself today, my hair is behaving - that helps. Mr C and I watched the Eurovision together last night, and I got a bit drunk while we were watching. Way to go UK - nil point! I missed my mother a lot while we were watching it because it’s sort of a family tradition that we watch it together. Perhaps we’ll just have to start a new tradition.

Also today, I bought FHM, supposedly for Mr C, but I seem to have kept hold of it, because of the pics of Halle Berry. She beat Holly Valance to the top spot - yay!

Check out how much Big Brother stuff is on - it’s every single day! My friend and I watched the Friday night start together, we were really excited and her mum phoned her and she said “No, I’ll call you back.” There was no way we were going to miss a single minute of it. First impressions go something like this: hate Tania, mostly because she tried to play the piano with talons for nails and everyone knows you can’t do that.

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