Violator by Depeche Mode

Published March 21, 2020

Violator by Depeche Mode

Album info

  • Title Violator
  • Artist Depeche Mode
  • Year 1990
  • Genre Rock


  1. World in My Eyes
  2. Sweetest Perfection
  3. Personal Jesus
  4. Halo
  5. Waiting for the Night
  6. Enjoy the Silence
  7. Policy of Truth
  8. Blue Dress
  9. Clean


I love some Depeche Mode, I really do, but it always surprises me when the albums kicks off and I’m bobbing my head along with it. Unfortunately, the first time I listened to this I had it on shuffle so I got a bit confused but second time through was better.

I knew more of the songs than I thought I would, and I enjoyed them all. The only problem is I know Personal Jesus from the Marilyn Manson version which makes it feel odd hearing this one - but I’ll soon get used to it!

Rating: 4 / 5

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