Troublegum by Therapy?

Published January 8, 2023

Troublegum by Therapy?

Album info

  • Title Troublegum
  • Artist Therapy?
  • Year 1994
  • Genre Hard Rock


  1. Knives
  2. Screamager
  3. Hellbelly
  4. Stop It You’re Killing Me
  5. Nowhere
  6. Die Laughing
  7. Unbeliever
  8. Trigger Inside
  9. Lunacy Booth
  10. Isolation
  11. Turn
  12. Femtex
  13. Unrequited
  14. Brainsaw


The first track of this album almost immediately put me off as it was just a lot of screaming. But then once that was out the way, it was better… some pretty standard 90s hard rock. I don’t know that it’s an album that will live with me or I will particularly remember in future but it was fine to listen to and was an energetic start to the year!

Rating: 3 / 5

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