Transformer by Lou Reed

Published January 16, 2022

Transformer by Lou Reed

Album info

  • Title Transformer
  • Artist Lou Reed
  • Year 1972
  • Genre Rock


  1. Vicious
  2. Andy’s Chest
  3. Perfect Day
  4. Hangin’ Round
  5. Walk on the Wild Side
  6. Make Up
  7. Satellite of Love
  8. Wagon Wheel
  9. New York Telephone Conversation
  10. I’m So Free
  11. Goodnight Ladies


It’s amazing I haven’t listened to this before, it’s an iconic album. I was a bit worried, because I obviously know Perfect Day from the BBC collective version and have that so firmly in my mind that I wasn’t sure the original was going to be as good. Of course it was, and combine that with Walk on the Wild Side and Satellite of Love, and what a stellar album you’ve got on your hands.

First time through, I felt like it tailed off a bit and I wasn’t so keen on the end few songs. Second time through it didn’t stand out quite so much to me but still not as strong as the main bulk of the tunes.

Rating: 4 / 5

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