THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1 by Keith Urban

Published October 3, 2020

THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1 by Keith Urban

Album info

  • Title THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1
  • Artist Keith Urban
  • Year 2020
  • Genre Country


  1. Out the Cage (feat. Breland & Nile Rodgers)
  2. One Too Many
  3. Live With
  4. Superman
  5. Change Your Mind
  6. Forever
  7. Say Something
  8. Soul Food
  9. Ain’t It Like a Woman
  10. With You
  11. Tumbleweed
  12. God Whispered Your Name
  13. Polaroid
  14. Better Than I Am
  15. We Were
  16. We Were (feat. Eric Church)


I was expecting good things from this album, and I wasn’t disappointed. Really catchy songs right from the get-go, some good messages in there but perhaps not quite so righteous as the last album. There isn’t really a weak point throughout the album, until you get to the last two tracks. For some reason, Keith couldn’t decide between the We Were track by himself, and the We Were track featuring Eric Church… so he put them both on the album, one after the other. It’s really weird to have finished a song and then the exact same song starts over again.

It’s annoying because without that, this would be a full on 5/5 album… but with it… I’m not sure. I need to make a separate playlist of the album without the double track at the end. Still, mostly good work KU!

Rating: 4 / 5

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