Sunshine Kitty by Tove Lo

Published October 12, 2019

Sunshine Kitty by Tove Lo

Album info

  • Title Sunshine Kitty
  • Artist Tove Lo
  • Year 2019
  • Genre Alternative


  1. Gritty Pretty (Intro)
  2. Glad He’s Gone
  3. Bad as the Boys
  4. Sweet-talk my Heart
  5. Stay Over
  6. Are U gonna tell her?
  7. Jacques
  8. Mateo
  9. Come Undone
  10. Equally Lost
  11. Really Don’t Like U
  12. Shifted
  13. Mistaken
  14. Anywhere U Go


I listened to Lady Wood by Tove Lo just a couple of weeks ago in preparation for this release, but that might not have been the smartest move. I really loved that one and I’m not totally convinced this one lived up to its predecessor.

It’s good though, lots of good songs and some amazing guests. Glad He’s Gone is fantastic, though, the stand out song of the album. I think the rest of it is probably a bit of a grower, so I’m going to have to listen a few more times.

Rating: 3 / 5

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