Skeletons by Brothers Osborne

Published October 24, 2020

Skeletons by Brothers Osborne

Album info

  • Title Skeletons
  • Artist Brothers Osborne
  • Year 2020
  • Genre Country


  1. Lighten Up
  2. All Night
  3. All The Good Ones Are
  4. I’m Not For Everyone
  5. Skeletons
  6. Back On The Bottle
  7. High Note
  8. Muskrat Greene
  9. Dead Man’s Curve
  10. Make It A Good One
  11. Hatin’ Somebody
  12. Old Man’s Boots


Really good album, very country of course, but with some proper highlights. I’m Not For Everyone stands out as a meaningful one, Make It A Good One also. However, we can’t ignore the middle of the album where it suddenly goes all twiddly and really, quite annoying. It might have been a 5/5 if not for that.

These are two guys who are very good at what they do and do it well, even for their third album. It maybe doesn’t depart from their style or move forward too much, but it was a good one to listen to.

Rating: 4 / 5

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