Definitely Maybe by Oasis

Published October 18, 2020

Definitely Maybe by Oasis

Album info

  • Title Definitely Maybe
  • Artist Oasis
  • Year 1994
  • Genre Indie Rock


  1. Rock ’n’ Roll Star
  2. Shakermaker
  3. Live Forever
  4. Up in the Sky
  5. Columbia
  6. Supersonic
  7. Bring It on Down
  8. Cigarettes & Alcohol
  9. Digsy’s Dinner
  10. Slide Away
  11. Married With Children


Some nice classic Oasis here, this was their debut album. I’ve already consumed (What’s the Story) Morning Glory, and obviously this one doesn’t live quite up to the heights of that. But what I like about this is you can feel all the potential in there. Songs that hit the spot and some that don’t but you just know these guys are gonna hit some heights.

Rating: 4 / 5

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