Setting Sons by The Jam

Published November 21, 2021

Setting Sons by The Jam

Album info

  • Title Setting Sons
  • Artist The Jam
  • Year 1979
  • Genre Pop


  1. Girl On the Phone
  2. Thick As Thieves
  3. Private Hell
  4. Little Boy Soldiers
  5. Wasteland
  6. Burning Sky
  7. Smithers-Jones
  8. Saturday’s Kids
  9. The Eton Rifles
  10. Heatwave


This got off to a confusing start for me, because the first track, Girl On the Phone, sounds just like I Fought the Law by The Clash… different band, same decade. On the first listen through, I think I got hung up on that fact and felt like all the songs sounded the same. But actually on the second listen through, it was really good, highs and lows, Smithers-Jones stands out as different to the others and quite moving. Then of course Eton Rifles gets a bit shouty towards the end. A good punk-pop ride.

Rating: 4 / 5

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