New Miserable Experience by Gin Blossoms

Published February 5, 2023

New Miserable Experience by Gin Blossoms

Album info

  • Title New Miserable Experience
  • Artist Gin Blossoms
  • Year 1992
  • Genre Alternative


  1. Lost Horizons
  2. Hey Jealousy
  3. Mrs. Rita
  4. Until I Fall Away
  5. Hold Me Down
  6. Cajun Song
  7. Hands Are Tied
  8. Found Out About You
  9. Allison Road
  10. 29
  11. Pieces of the Night
  12. Cheatin'


If you’re looking for good 90s guitar pop alternative then this is exactly the album for you. The genre is alternative but really it should be Dawson’s Creek. The first ten minutes or so are just so painfully Dawson’s it made me want to rewatch the show from the beginning all over again. It’s a good album, of it’s time but without sounding dated. The only weird thing is the final track where the band just suddenly go really country for no apparent reason. An odd choice to end on but otherwise a great listen.

Rating: 3 / 5

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