Mercury - Act 2 by Imagine Dragons

Published July 17, 2022

Mercury - Act 2 by Imagine Dragons

Album info

  • Title Mercury - Act 2
  • Artist Imagine Dragons
  • Year 2022
  • Genre Alternative


  1. Bones
  2. Symphony
  3. Sharks
  4. I Don’t Like Myself
  5. Blur
  6. Higher Ground
  7. Crushed
  8. Take It Easy
  9. Waves
  10. I’m Happy
  11. Ferris Wheel
  12. Peace Of Mind
  13. Sirens
  14. Tied
  15. Younger
  16. I Wish
  17. Continual (feat. Cory Henry)
  18. They Don’t Know You Like I Do


I love Imagine Dragons and this is some good stuff from them - very similar to a lot of their other work, and, if I’m honest, nothing that particularly stands out. But it’s a good set of songs and easy to listen to. I don’t fully understand what’s going on with the album set up - Act 1 came out a while back, and Act 2 now, but it seems like Act 2 is just added on to the existing album, rather than being a release in itself. Slightly odd, but I just made it work.

Rating: 3 / 5

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