Laid by James

Published October 16, 2022

Laid by James

Album info

  • Title Laid
  • Artist James
  • Year 2001
  • Genre Rock


  1. Out to Get You
  2. Sometimes
  3. Dream Thrum
  4. One of the Three
  5. Say Something
  6. Five-O
  7. P.S.
  8. Everybody Knows
  9. Knuckle Too Far
  10. Low Low Low
  11. Laid
  12. Lullaby
  13. Skindiving


I guess I just have to come to the conclusion that James isn’t my cup of tea. I like a couple of the main songs but as a whole, I can take or leave the albums. James was the choice this week after the drummer’s daughter appeared on Welcome to Wrexham - very random connection there. So good to tick this one off the list and all I can do now is prepare for many future disagreements with Mr C over the band.

Rating: 2 / 5

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