Kinks by The Kinks

Published February 22, 2020

Kinks by The Kinks

Album info

  • Title Kinks
  • Artist The Kinks
  • Year 1964
  • Genre Rock


  1. Beautiful Delilah
  2. So Mystifying
  3. Just Can’t Go to Sleep
  4. Long Tall Shorty
  5. I Took My Baby Home
  6. I’m a Lover Not a Fighter
  7. You Really Got Me
  8. Cadillac
  9. Bald Headed Woman
  10. Revenge
  11. Too Much Monkey Business
  12. I’ve Been Driving on Bald Mountain
  13. Stop Your Sobbing
  14. Got Love If You Want It


I don’t know what I was expecting of this but I really liked it! The Kinks, as a concept, confuse me because many of their songs are so timeless, you feel like they could be released today and still fit in perfectly. So it sort of boggles my mind that they’re of the sixties. But then you hear something like Cadillac and they slot right back into place again.

But I loved it. Another short album, with those sixties style songs that are just a couple of minutes each, letting you enjoy the goodness and move it along. Lovely.

Rating: 5 / 5

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