Hypersonic Missiles by Sam Fender

Published September 28, 2019

Hypersonic Missiles by Sam Fender

Album info

  • Title Hypersonic Missiles
  • Artist Sam Fender
  • Year 2019
  • Genre Singer/Songwriter


  1. Hypersonic Missiles
  2. The Borders
  3. White Privilege
  4. Dead Boys
  5. You’re Not the Only One
  6. Play God
  7. That Sound
  8. Saturday
  9. Will We Talk?
  10. Two People
  11. Call Me Lover
  12. Leave Fast
  13. Use (Live)


I’ve not really been aware of Sam Fender up to this point, but his debut album packs a real punch. I loved it! It’s got a rock sound that is reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen and The Killers and others, but also has its own sound that works well.

I feel like I’m going to need to listen several more times to move past just enjoying the sound of it to listening to the lyrics as well, as the effort that’s gone into them sounds like it’ll be worth it. And hey, listening to this album over and over is not going to be a chore!

Rating: 4 / 5

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