FEVER DREAM by Of Monsters and Men

Published August 5, 2019

FEVER DREAM by Of Monsters and Men

Album info

  • Artist Of Monsters and Men
  • Year 2019
  • Genre Alternative


  1. Alligator
  2. Ahay
  3. Róróró
  4. Waiting for the Snow
  5. Vulture, Vulture
  6. Wild Roses
  7. Stuck in Gravity
  8. Sleepwalker
  9. Wars
  10. Under a Dome
  11. Soothsayer


Loved the last album so was looking forward to this one and was not disappointed. Of Monsters and Men deliver a slightly new sound, although it’s still reminiscent of where they were before. I did find myself thinking of The XX quite a lot as I listened, but there’s nothing wrong with that as it was all good and exactly what I was hoping for.

It’s maybe not pushing the envelope too far or breaking any new ground but what they did, they did well. Relatively gentle, sweeping sounds, creeping guitars, soaring vocals, little slices of Icelandic pop sneaking in there too. Good times.

Rating: 4 / 5

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