Electric Warrior by T. Rex

Published June 27, 2021

Electric Warrior by T. Rex

Album info

  • Title Electric Warrior
  • Artist T. Rex
  • Year 1971
  • Genre Rock


  1. Mambo Sun
  2. Cosmic Dancer
  3. Jeepster
  4. Monolith
  5. Lean Woman Blues
  6. Get It On
  7. Planet Queen
  8. Girl
  9. The Motivator
  10. Life’s a Gas
  11. Rip Off


I sort of thought this was going to be more rocky than it was, more powerful, a little bit more terrifying. Actually, it’s gorgeous gentle rock, unlike anything else. Bolan of course has that unique voice, and layered over the rest of the tracks, it makes for a really nice listen, and one I could listen to over and over.

Rating: 4 / 5

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