Cuts & Bruises by Inhaler

Published March 5, 2023

Cuts & Bruises by Inhaler

Album info

  • Title Cuts & Bruises
  • Artist Inhaler
  • Year 2023
  • Genre Alternative


  1. Just To Keep You Satisfied
  2. Love Will Get You There
  3. So Far So Good
  4. These Are The Days
  5. If You’re Gonna Break My Heart
  6. Perfect Storm
  7. Dublin in Ecstasy
  8. When I Have Her On My Mind
  9. Valentine
  10. The Things I Do
  11. Now You Got Me


I really enjoyed the previous Inhaler album so was looking forward to this one. It didn’t disappoint but I have to admit it didn’t blow me away either. It’s 45 minutes of good soft-rock guitar band music with competent production and an encouraging feel. However, it’s all very similar, there are no highs and lows through the piece, and I just couldn’t help feeling how very similar to The Killers it all sounded. Not a bad thing because the Killers are great, but maybe lacking in their own identity a little.

Rating: 3 / 5

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