Billy Ocean by Billy Ocean

Published August 31, 2019

Billy Ocean by Billy Ocean

Album info

  • Title Billy Ocean
  • Artist Billy Ocean
  • Year 1976
  • Genre Pop


  1. Tell Him to Move Over
  2. Stop Me (If You’ve Heard It All Before)
  3. (Let’s Put Our) Emotions In motion
  4. Let’s Do It All Again
  5. Love Really Hurts Without You
  6. Whose Little Girl Are You
  7. Soul Rock
  8. One Kiss Away
  9. Hungry for Love
  10. Eye of a Storm
  11. L.O.D. (Love on Delivery)


This is just a solid Billy Ocean album. If you like his style, old school R&B, then you’ll like the album, and I really do. There’s some standout tracks, obviously the single Love really Hurts Without You, and some that don’t quite age as well as you’d hope. Any song that talks about little girls doesn’t work anymore, even if it doesn’t mean what it sounds like it means.

But it’s a great little album, definitely a classic to add to the collection.

Rating: 4 / 5

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