A Girl Like Me by Emma Bunton

Published September 4, 2022

A Girl Like Me by Emma Bunton

Album info

  • Title A Girl Like Me
  • Artist Emma Bunton
  • Year 2001
  • Genre Pop


  1. What Took You So Long
  2. Take My Breath Away
  3. A World Without You
  4. High On Love
  5. A Girl Like Me
  6. Spell It O.U.T.
  7. Sunshine On a Rainy Day
  8. Been There, Done That
  9. Better Be Careful
  10. We’re Not Gonna Sleep Tonight
  11. She Was a Friend of Mine
  12. What I Am


Lovely, sweet Emma Bunton doing what she does best here - being lovely and sweet. These are some nice pop songs (the cover of Sunshine on a Rainy Day is a bit of an oddity but we’ll go with it) and What Took You So Long stands out pretty well. I missed the Tin Tin Out remix of the final track too. The problem is it’s all just too saccharine, too sweet, very little emotion comes through. It’s, dare I say it, only one or two steps removed from cruise ship singing. But I still love Ems so it was never a disappointment.

Rating: 2 / 5

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