Your Christmas or Mine?

Published December 3, 2022

Your Christmas or Mine?

Film info

  • Title Your Christmas or Mine?
  • Director Jim O'Hanlon
  • Year 2022
  • Run time 1hr 34m
  • Genres Romance, Comedy
  • Tagline Christmas is the most important of all

It's Christmas Eve... Eve. After waving goodbye in Marylebone Station, new lovers Hayley and James can't bear to be apart for Christmas, so both decide to surprise each other and unwittingly swap trains by mistake. The snow begins to fall and with it they realise they are trapped with each other's family for the whole of Christmas. Will their love survive as their secrets get unwrapped?

Live blog

Time Comment
1:11 Hearing some judgement on the CG clouds here. Snowflakes good, clouds not.
4:40 The note in the present is cute.
6:48 ARGH the phone has been left on the train.
7:58 “There speaks someone with little comprehension of the South West Rail Network.”
13:35 I wonder what the difference is between good heat and bad heat.
23:04 “A lot of people would have to croak for my character to turn up in The Crown.”
27:31 Officer training course, drama course, not so far apart.
33:15 Love the ice cream references in the regiment.
42:49 “Glad I’m not going to Hull.” “Aren’t we all, lad?”
46:46 Gloucestenbury!
55:54 Well that took a turn. Poor Peanut!
1:00:12 Phew, just a scratch.
1:03:31 “Nobody ever rings the landline.” Do people still have landlines?
1:12:06 Oh no, he’s got her a colander for Christmas.
1:15:05 That’s not a turducken. A gooturduck sounds even worse.
1:24:50 So weird getting to know each other in different counties.


This is a brilliant Christmas film. Fully British and cute and funny, odd-ball people doing odd-ball things and learning and growing and getting all festive at the same time. It wasn’t until afterwards that we put two and two together in terms of Jim O’Hanlon being of Trying fame too - how much we love Trying makes perfect sense with how much we loved this film.

It’s not without its flaws - I know nothing about geography and yet I know you can’t get two trains leaving in the same direction from the same station in London going north to Macclesfield and west to Gloucester. And the bit where they break down in the tractor and then the ice cream truck clearly comes from the wrong direction… honestly.

But the rest of it is so good it completely overcomes those flaws and this is going to become a rewatchable classic in the future, for sure. A credible but still adorably cheesy Christmas movie. Loved it.

Rating: 5 / 5

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