Christmas With You

Published November 30, 2022

Christmas With You

Film info

  • Title Christmas With You
  • Director Gabriela Tagliavini
  • Year 2022
  • Run time 1hr 31m
  • Genres Romance, Comedy
  • Tagline Get in touch with your inner Holly Jolly

Seeking inspiration for a hit holiday song, a pop star grants a young fan's Christmas wish to meet her - and finds a shot at true love along the way.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:11 “I’ve been a fan since I was a baby.” Burn.
5:15 “Get in touch with your inner holly jolly.”
12:37 Well, the lettuce diet sounds horrific.
17:25 Kids, stop geotagging your stuff!!
23:06 I think I’d rather take the shoes off than wear plastic bags on them.
30:33 “She may love your boyfriend more than you do.” Awks.
36:54 Bad grandma.
41:10 “Touring with J-Lo.” “Oh yea, you were really deprived.”
45:28 Billion Dollar Barry.
56:48 What the hell car is Ricardo driving?
1:00:35 “Still getting ready. Men!”
1:09:35 So easy to make and break plans.
1:13:37 Disgraciado.
1:23:14 “Are you sure you’re not just looking for a pianist?” You’ve really got to be careful with questions like that.


Ooh this was a bad one. It was entertaining enough to get to the end but there wasn’t really a lot redeeming about it. There was no chemistry between the two leads and the plot was entirely implausible - from the music industry side to the home-town that seemingly has its own micro-climate. Also, it seems like no one knew Freddie Prinze Jr had Latino heritage so that’s a surprise to us all. I don’t recommend watching this but, have to admit, the PA woman was wonderful.

Rating: 1 / 5

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