The Numbers Station

Published July 14, 2013

The Numbers Station

Film info

  • Title The Numbers Station
  • Director Kasper Barfoed
  • Year 2013
  • Run time 1hr 29m
  • Genres Action, Thriller
  • Tagline The code has never been compromised. Until now.

After his latest mission goes disastrously wrong, veteran CIA black ops agent Emerson Kent, is given one last chance to prove he still has what it takes to do his job. His new assignment: guarding Katherine, a code operator at a top-secret remote CIA Numbers Station where encrypted messages are sent and received. When an elite team of heavily armed assailants lays siege to the station, Emerson and Katherine suddenly find themselves in a life-or-death struggle against an unknown enemy. With the station compromised and innocent lives at stake, they must stop the deadly plot before it s too late.

Live Blog

Time Comment
4:20 Dead man’s worth less than a Big Mac.
7:49 You see someone get shot and your first question is “Why did you do that?”
9:14 She used to be in Skins. Only made it ten minutes into the film, too.
12:25 Ooh, many bunkers.
13:45 Not just a bunker, a bunker with a microphone in it!
15:38 “I like the idea of serving my country, even if I don’t know exactly what it is I do.”
26:09 Oh, it’s fun hearing American’s saying British place names.
30:20 He’s brilliantly not comforting.
36:35 So John Cusack is turning into Nicolas Cage, right?
40:25 “He knows what he’s doing, he’s a professional. And you’re… you.”
43:02 I think it must be good to be a trained CIA Bond-type whatever, if only so as not to be scared of going into dark basements.
48:20 “I can’t work in silence, so you might as well entertain me.” That’s me!
51:33 This really is one big Apple ad. They’re even using the Magic Mouse.
59:12 I like his little half smile.
1:01:41 Why don’t they listen to the person that says ‘stay here’?
1:13:05 Always with the car not starting!
1:18:28 For a minute there, I thought it was all going to end up a bit Reservoir Dogs.


The trailer for this one looked interesting, and I was intrigued that it had Hannah Murray in it, of Skins fame. It took us a while to get round to watching the film but it was lovely and short and just right for a sleepless summer night.

This is not a good film, but I did enjoy watching it quite a lot. It has potential, the underlying idea is great and the way some of the scenes unfold is unique but perhaps not pushed to their best limit. I thought it was predictable but not in a hideous cliché kind of way. Cusack was very good as the monosyllabic damaged agent who does have a heart really. Not recommended at all, but still not a complete waste of time.

**Rating: **2/5

Rating: 2 / 5

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