Short Circuit 2

Published July 14, 2013

Short Circuit 2

Film info

  • Title Short Circuit 2
  • Director Kenneth Johnson
  • Year 1988
  • Run time 1hr 50m
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Science-Fiction, Family
  • Tagline The adventures of America's most electric leading man continue

High-voltage, fast-paced comedy for the entire family. Number Five, A.K.A. Johnny Five, that incredible lovable robot, is back and taking the big city by storm. More 'human' than ever, upbeat Johnny's out for some 'urban input', but some street hoods see his innocence as their high-tech ticket to easy street.

Live Blog

Time Comment
1:19 These drums at the beginning remind me of Thunderbirds.
2:29 I don’t know that robots would sell on the street would they?
3:09 Having said that, I do want a tiny robot. So cute.
8:50 “Your merchandise is running away.”
10:54 Ooh, sparkly.
12:37 Love that they think 1902 makes for a historic building.
18:07 Johnny 5!
19:40 “…whole city full of input…”
22:37 Tarzan! What an awful wakeup call!
27:04 Aww, megabytes.
33:59 “The city is nice but people get angry easily.”
42:32 Indignant Johnny 5 is fun.
46:28 His small talk/chat up lines are very impressive.
50:31 Ha, if there’s anything Johnny 5 is not, it is Average Joe.
1:01:30 Controlling the sign, bless!
1:08:18 “Then I got greedy… er.”
1:15:03 Love that the taxi driver has got into the musical treasure hunt too.
1:19:31 You can’t fly model planes in the city, surely?
1:23:27 Oh god, it’s like when they killed off Ted halfway through. Shouldn’t be allowed.
1:25:13 It’s a big city when you’re looking for just a little robot.
1:28:23 “Buck the kicket.”
1:31:41 Woah, that was robot rage!
1:34:08 It’s like an early version of the Segway.
1:36:43 Did they call him Johnny just so they could do the Here’s Johnny line?
1:45:06 I just realised this woman looks just like Emma Watson.
1:46:33 Not such a fan of the gold look, I must say!


We watched the first Short Circuit film back in April, and there were bits of it which rang a bell but I didn’t recognise a lot of it. I figured I had only seen the sequel and not the first. So, when Short Circuit 2 appeared on Netflix, we were ready to watch it, catch up with Johnny 5, and decide whether I had seen it or not.

I don’t remember much of this one either! Just like with the first, scenes rang a bell, like speed-reading books and leaking blood/oil/fluid everywhere, but I couldn’t have told you the plot or the characters or anything as it went along. It was fun, like the first, although I did think they pulled on the emotional strings a bit too much - if that countdown was such a big deal, and it did reach zero, he really shouldn’t have been able to come back, right?

**Rating: **3/5

Rating: 3 / 5

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