The Green Hornet

Published June 24, 2011

The Green Hornet

Film info

  • Title The Green Hornet
  • Director Michel Gondry
  • Year 2011
  • Run time 1hr 59m
  • Genres Comedy, Action, Crime
  • Tagline Breaking the law to protect it

Britt Reid is a slacker by day, party animal by night... until he finds a serious career that's seriously cool: crime-fighting action hero. As the Green Hornet, he teams up with gadget wiz and martial arts master Kato to take down LA's underworld. Even Britt's assistant Lenore doesn't suspect this mismatched pair is the masked duo busting the city's toughest thugs led by Chudnofsky. With style, swagger and an arsenal of awesome gear, the Green Hornet and Kato are doing justice their way, making every mission a mix of over-the-top action and outrageous comedy.

Live Blog

Time Comment
1:17 Ooh, it would be good to have a chauffeur.
2:20 All the best cowboys have daddy issues, so said LOST.
4:52 Mafia type people always have such good suits.
10:38 He has a cappuccino for breakfast, that’s a step up from a Teasmaid.
11:19 Their house looks like Buckingham Palace.
12:20 What a way to find out!
14:57 It was a bad idea to watch this so soon after Paul.
16:44 “He was a complex man.” That’s not a compliment.
19:31 I want a Kato. He’s like Q on acid.
26:33 He’s like in his own little Matrix or something.
27:17 That tyre thing is not so special. They did that in Grease.
31:36 “We’re just two guys who stole a head.”
40:06 36. Actually how old is Cameron?
41:16 Deciding on the costume is bound to be the hardest part.
43:25 Gangsta’s Paradise. Ha.
45:43 I like that the car has green lights.
50:54 Scourge is a good wood.
56:30 Love that whole sequence. Hornet gas is amusing.
1:03:57 It’s not as much fun when they don’t like each other.
1:05:27 Jeez, that’s quite a trap.
1:07:22 Surely you can’t do a massive u-turn like that in a big ol’ digger?
1:15:44  Are they just killing anyone dressed in green?
1:18:54  I still find the sparkly Hollywood eyeballs distracting. Must get over it.
1:19:23 “I’m a dinosaur. Not in a scary way, in an extinct way.”
1:25:42 He won’t kill him though. He stopped him drowning.
1:35:57 Fancy wanting to high five in the middle of a car chase.
1:38:23 Is all of that paper? Blimey. Newspapers, eh.
1:45:55 “It was a good idea.” Awww.
1:50:07 Genius ending. I approve.


I didn’t know much about this film but figured it was another of those superhero movies that is always worth a watch. For some reason, in my head, it was the Green Lantern, but I don’t know much about that either so the confusion made little difference

Totally not what I was expecting at all, but perhaps even better for it. I wasn’t expecting it to be so funny, although the humour took a while to get going really. I don’t want to moan about another slow-starting film, because this one also needed all the pre-amble to setup the later stuff. It was worth waiting for, but it did take a while to get to the good stuff.

Once there, it was great. The action sequences didn’t feel cliched, and there were some new ideas, even in the car chase. Really liked Seth Rogen’s work on this. Reading the troubled history of the film later, I’m glad they stuck with it and eventually got it done.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 / 5

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