Saturday Night Fever

Published April 3, 2020

Saturday Night Fever

Film info

  • Title Saturday Night Fever
  • Director John Badham
  • Year 1977
  • Run time 1hr 58m
  • Genres Drama, Music, Comedy
  • Tagline Catch it

John Travolta commands the screen as Tony Manero, a restless Brooklyn rebel who escapes problems at home and an uncertain future every Saturday night when he shines as king of the disco dance floor. Both the sensational dancing and moving story are driven by the timeless music soundtrack that will forever define its era.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:21 The strutting!
2:14 Skills to be eating two pizza slices at the same time, surely?
5:27 “You can’t eff the future. The future effs you.”
7:29 Rocky poster!
10:44 “You know you turning god into a telephone operator.”
15:14 Disco chooooons.
22:33 Is Annette in Grease a reference to this Annette?
24:52 Dancing with a cigarette doesn’t seem so wise.
28:57 What is the paint jiggling machine?
29:53 “You know what $4 buys today? It doesn’t even buy $3. "
36:47 The Rocky poster has a starring role, the amount it’s on screen.


I’m not sure if this was just a wrong mood, wrong day type thing or if I just had completely the wrong expectations going into this movie, but I didn’t like it and we stopped it after about 40 minutes.

Obviously, the music is epic, and you can easily see John Travolta outperforming everyone around him, but otherwise it was pretty boring, hasn’t aged at all well, no one in it is a particularly nice character, and I know that that only gets worse as the story progresses.

Disappointing, because I’ve seen the musical on stage and that was good but this is clearly a different beast and I’ll just stick to listening to the soundtrack instead!

Rating: Unrated

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