Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Published April 11, 2020

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Film info

  • Title Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  • Director Kevin Reynolds
  • Year 1991
  • Run time 2hrs 23m
  • Genres Romance, Drama, Action, Adventure
  • Tagline Sometimes the only way to uphold justice is to break the law

Screen sensation and Academy Award-winner Kevin Costner is the legendary swashbuckling hero of England's Sherwood Forest who defends the poor and battles Alan Rickman's deliciously evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Academy-Award nominee Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is Robin's fair damsel in distress, and Academy Award-winner Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater round out the all-star cast in this pumped-up version of the classic adventure tale!

Live blog

Time Comment
5:03 What can I say, guy knows how to wield a sword.
7:21 Can you crack a melon on your knee?
9:00 Brian Blessed is Robin Hood’s dad??
13:59 Loving the trip along Hadrian’s Wall to get to Nottingham.
18:50 “I’ve seen enough blood spilled to last two lifetimes.”
24:00 Brian Blessed was right! It IS vanity to force other men to your religion.
27:17 Alan Rickman getting to camp it up with the witch is epic.
33:11 He burnt her hair? This is not a nice guy.
34:37 Mary really might be one of the worst actresses ever.
36:35 “Either we take our chances with the ghosts or become ghosts ourselves.”
40:17 Hadn’t appreciated John Little’s accent before. Heavenly. But not Yorkshire?
50:53 “Robin, do something for me. Take a bath.” BURN.
53:36 A spoon! So random!
1:01:43 I’m on board with most of it but how are the fires in the forest hot enough to melt steel and make swords?
1:03:15 “SOMETHING VEXES THEE?” Greatest line in cinema history.
1:05:10 You can’t mess with Christmas.
1:23:35 Ugh, priests being judgmental.
1:25:45 “You talk, I’ll drink.”
1:30:45 Fun that she’s like, go to France immediately. I’m not sure it’s that easy now.
1:33:29 Duncan is making me weep so far.
1:40:58 All the budget must have gone in this fire battle because it is incredz.
1:53:57 Yes Fanny! She epic.
2:02:51 I don’t fully understand how you can fight someone with a sword when you only have a bow.
2:27:47 Sean Connery, the what-now?


I love this movie. It’s not a good film, I grant you, but it’s a cult classic and one of my favourites. Good ol’ Kevin Costner wielding the bow and arrow, against Alan Rickman’s incredibly camp Sheriff. Actually, the film stood up better than I thought it would, although the first half really does seem low budget - the sets are so obviously put together, it’s wild.

But it’s a good group of people, taking us through the legend in their own style and having fun along the way, so no complaints here.

Rating: 4 / 5

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