Playing With Fire

Published April 16, 2020

Playing With Fire

Film info

  • Title Playing With Fire
  • Director Andy Fickman
  • Year 2019
  • Run time 1hr 36m
  • Genres Comedy, Family
  • Tagline 0% contained

When firefighter Jake Carson and his team rescue three siblings in the path of a wildfire, they quickly realise that no amount of training could have prepared them for their most challenging job yet - babysitting. While trying to locate the children's parents, the firefighters have their lives, jobs and even their fire station turned upside down and learn that kids - much like fires - are wild and full of surprises.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:45 This can’t be a real thing, can it?
3:43 “There’ll be time for steam reallocation later.”
8:05 Lovely Judy!
10:59 “But he said now before, what if he changes his mind again?”
14:35 I like his way with children.
16:59 Or what? Haha.
17:36 “I think the baby broke your dog.”
22:50 Fire Utility Belt Apparatus.
28:51 “Your Alexa’s broken.” “That’s a clock.”
32:26 I’m not sure about the frog situation.
38:10 So, this is basically a remake of Three Men & a Baby.
46:15 The camera angles on this are really weird.
48:41 I’m not quite buying that they couldn’t at least try and walk it.
53:39 Jalapeno chocolate does sound awful.
55:02 “I feel like Mr Fun would go by his first name, not Mr.”
1:00:59 “Cimenon?”
1:26:11 It’s all utter madness but somehow sort of makes sense.
1:26:52 Haha, he has a house!
1:28:52 Dr Fun!
1:31:19 Her hair got caught in his bicep.


It’s almost impossible to know what to write about this film. It’s such a weird one! The concept is pretty straight-forward, and as I mentioned at some point, has a lot of similarities with Three Men & a Baby, except with firefighters.

But the tone of it is bizarre and takes some getting used to. The first shots are of people in danger having to be rescued by the smokejumpers, quite scary, but then the kid walks into the car, and it’s hilarious… but feels wrong to be laughing at!

Gradually, though, once you settle in and the tone of it washes over you, it really builds to a funny movie - still bizarre - but also somehow good. John Leguizamo is the real hero of the movie, despite Cena’s biceps taking centre stage. Leguizamo has the best lines, getting the stupidest quotes wrong, and working best with the kids. Judy Greer is fab too.

I can’t recommend this movie, because I can’t describe it, but somehow, and despite my better judgement, I loved it!

Rating: 5 / 5

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