Published April 17, 2020


Film info

  • Title Midway
  • Director Roland Emmerich
  • Year 2019
  • Run time 2hrs 18m
  • Genres Drama, War, History, Action
  • Tagline One battle turned the tide of war

Midway is the epic, real-life saga about an undermanned American fleet and the brave Navy leaders and pilots who triumphed, against the odds, over a powerful adversary. With democracy and freedom at stake, these U.S. brothers-in-arms conquered the Imperial Japanese Navy at the Battle of Midway, a most stunning clash by air and sea which marked a heroic feat of naval warfare and pivoted the Allies toward victory in the Pacific Theater during WWII.

Live blog

Time Comment
3:43 Amazing to be able to speak the language like that, even if it’s just lines you’ve learned. Sounds good.
5:30 “Nobody wants a war.” Sometimes you just can’t be any more wrong.
13:12 What a sight. My god.
15:10 Pre-ejector seat, it’s basically just jumping out of a plane.
18:33 I’ve never seen anyone more primed to go rogue in my life.
20:05 “Take us back to Enterprise.” Different film.
28:26 It’s so silly how the various military areas are competitive, army vs navy vs air force.
36:28 Dude, a torpedo that just bounces off is so embarrassing.
42:47 It’s not a reflection on his acting but he just is a Jonas. Always.
48:24 “How far out are we?” “Too far.” I’ve seen this movie.
50:06 Did the other movie have submarines in though? Cos that’s the winning ticket.
53:37 So blasé about the handful of bombers. You just need one bomb.
1:02:11 Mini Bletchley.
1:08:56 “You know how I got his respect? By always staying in the fight.”
1:12:10 No. To all of that. Just no.
1:17:49 “I liked you better when you were cocky.”
1:38:14 I don’t mean to be hippy dippy but it all seems like such a waste of metal and engineering and fuel and people!
1:43:45 I have many, MANY questions but my first is how they made planes that can defy the laws of physics.
1:47:40 If the Japanese killed off Jonas, they in for a world of hurt.
1:56:34 Ugh, how did humanity get through this.
2:01:41 Battle Station Torpedo Port Side is the name of my debut album.
2:04:40 WELL?? What was the mofo rash??
2:07:05 This outtro is longer than most films.


Based on nothing but my faith in Roland Emmerich, I purchased this film and was quite looking forward to it. What a let down! It made no sense, bombing sequence after bombing sequence, flitting here and there, and not really making any progress with the plot. They were explaining things but I couldn’t follow it.

It was just like the movie Pearl Harbour to start with although the story of PH only took us to about halfway through this movie - and what did I learn after that? Nothing.

It was erratic, the characters were one-dimensional, and I was left with so many questions. It felt like someone had kept a scrapbook of interesting snippets about this time in the war and then just threw them all into a film. The Jonas bit, what was that about? Did we need it or was it just to manipulate emotions? Did the other guy give information up? Was that instrumental in the war in some way? The guy with the rash, was that important? Did it make a different? What the hell was the rash anyway? What did the guy do after the caustic soda essentially ruined his career?

And my biggest question of all is how can so many good people be in a film so very bad?

Rating: 1 / 5

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