My Fair Lady

Published September 3, 2023

My Fair Lady

Film info

  • Title My Fair Lady
  • Director George Cukor
  • Year 1964
  • Run time 2hrs 50m
  • Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
  • Tagline The loverliest motion picture of them all!

This beloved adaptation of the Broadway stage hit stars Audrey Hepburn in the role of Eliza Doolittle, a sassy, working-class London street vendor, and Rex Harrison as the elitist Professor Higgins, who attempts to turn Eliza into a sophisticated lady through proper tutoring. But, when the humble flower girl blossoms into the toast of London society, her teacher may have a lesson or two to learn himself.

Live blog

Time Comment
3:10 This one I did know was based on a stage musical based on a play.
8:16 “He ain’t no tec, he’s a gentleman, look at his boots.” Shoes play a big part in this play, it turns out.
11:56 I read that Harrison refused to lip-sync as he was no good at it, so they had to use a wireless mic on him. Respect.
21:26 Ooh, I’m getting ‘who will buy’ vibes.
28:55 He’s SO rude.
35:10 Mrs Pearce is wonderfully sensible. I want her as a housekeeper.
41:59 “Let a woman in your life and you invite eternal strife.”
51:45 His method is not so much teaching as just leaving in a cupboard.
1:01:59 Never noticed that massive difference between the main and middle bit of Just You Wait. Hepburn’s voice wasn’t that bad… compared to Lee Marvin!
1:09:35 The marbles lesson does seem dangerous - either swallowing or projectile marbles.
1:18:49 We just accept the fact that something clicked and now she is posh as anything.
1:24:56 “Henry, what a disagreeable surprise.” Ah, that’s where he gets it from.
1:38:40 I feel like that was missing in his education, subjects to talk about and those to avoid. It’s not just about the vowels.
1:41:05 First bit of humanity he’s shown her, right before the interval.
1:47:20 Imposterologist.
1:58:09 I can’t think I remember a lot about the second half of this musical.
2:16:51 “Who asked him to make a gentleman out of me?”
2:28:40 Bah, I always forget this song. I’ll give you many good reasons why a woman can’t be more like a man.
2:36:13 “The question is not whether I treat you rudely but whether you’ve ever heard me treat anyone better.”
2:51:45 I do like that there’s no big snog at the end, bless them.


Oh I want to be mad at this musical - Professor Higgins is the actual worst and some of these songs really grind my gears. But I can’t help it, it’s a classic, the tunes are proper tunes, and now that I have a bit more knowledge about Audrey Hepburn, I can’t help but enjoy her performance more! Of course, the accents are terrible, the dubbing poor, and the society that she’s trying to join seems a lot worse than the one she left. Also, what an absolute nothingness Freddy is. It’s bad but somehow those tunes (some of them, anyway) just bring it right out of the gutter.

Rating: 3 / 5

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