A Bug's Life

Published September 9, 2023

A Bug's Life

Film info

  • Title A Bug's Life
  • Director John Lasseter
  • Year 1998
  • Run time 1hr 35m
  • Genres Animation, Comedy, Family, Adventure
  • Tagline An epic presentation of miniature proportions

Life is no picnic for the ants on Ant Island! Each summer a gang of greedy grasshoppers - led by the menacing and manipulative Hopper - descends upon the colony to demand a hefty portion of the ants' hard-earned harvest and generally make life miserable for this peaceful community. Our hero Flik, an original thinker out of step with the rest of the more traditionally-minded colony, takes it upon himself to get outside help and mistakenly enlists an unemployed troupe of bug performers from a second-rate flea circus to join the fight against the grasshoppers. Working together in their new-found friendship, the ants and the circus bugs prepare for a climactic confrontation with the grasshoppers. When Flik's plan starts to unravel, the action and comedy turns fast and furious as he attempts to save the colony and his reputation.

Live blog

Time Comment
0:58 Well this is just like the start of Bounding! Might be the same rock.
3:48 “That’s our lot in life. It’s not a lot but it’s our life.”
9:44 Oh my god, they did all that work for nothing!
12:20 “First rule of leadership, everything is your fault.”
19:26 Travel by dandelion is clever.
26:43 The fly looking at the light, wow, hilarious but dark!
29:59 “Warrior bugs!”
34:58 Ticklish bugs.
37:47 It’s like Mitchell Brook Primary School scenes!
47:24 Ladybug with the broken leg is adorable.
49:07 The anthill has strong Silo vibes.
51:23 “Look, I’m a beautiful butterfly.”
56:53 Ant conga.
1:06:06 Dot is very brave.
1:09:46 “Must be an ant thing.”
1:24:23 That bird’s nest is absolutely terrifying.


I recently realised there are some holes in my Pixar back catalogue so started working through the movies that I’ve missed, starting with this one. It’s a really good movie, nice and original, good story, fun characters, great voice acting talent. The graphics are a bit dated now, it still looks good but there’s a noticeable lack of fur, the water is questionable, and most of the bugs look a bit like they’re moulded out of clay. But a lot of fun, and a happy ending!

Rating: 5 / 5

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