Father Christmas is Back

Published December 10, 2021

Father Christmas is Back

Film info

  • Title Father Christmas is Back
  • Directors Philippe Martinez, Mick Davis
  • Year 2021
  • Run time 1hr 45m
  • Genres Family, Comedy
  • Tagline And you think your family is a mess?

Four feuding sisters get a crash course in family togetherness when their long-lost father shows up for Christmas at their posh ancestral manor.

Live blog

Time Comment
1:22 I quite like a film that introduces everyone by name at the start. None of the ‘who is it’ game.
4:50 “A lady like you is never late, she arrives exactly when she means to.”
8:38 “Awful little banshees.” Yep, using that.
16:55 No wonder it’s taken her ten years to write a thesis… how old is that typewriter?
20:20 “Even the Beatles didn’t dedicate their lives to the Beatles.”
29:06 Chocolate hobnob is not vegan, surely?
38:33 They have a thousand bedrooms and they’re making their kids share a room.
47:24 “My little Christmas pudding.” Adorable.
55:27 A duel!
1:05:07 I have nothing in common with this woman that is very uptight and then totally plastered.
1:09:13 “She’s blown the bloody house up.”
1:20:51 God forbid he actually asks her about it first though.
1:25:06 “There’s no food. And Peter’s left me.” Priorities.
1:36:52 A five year old castle, haha. I wonder what is the newest old castle.


This… is a weird film. It’s not particularly well made, and it does that thing where it thinks it’s a cartoon - someone pops their head up and a weird sound effect happens, or creeping through a door to creeping sound effects. Annoying. Despite the quite impressive cast, the chemistry and acting isn’t great.

And yet, I still quite enjoyed it. There were some funny moments in there, the characters did grow on you as it went along, and I did want to know how it was going to end - hopefully with a happy ending. I couldn’t recommend this to anyone but equally I didn’t hate it.

Rating: 2 / 5

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