Drive Angry

Published July 15, 2011

Drive Angry

Film info

  • Title Drive Angry
  • Director Patrick Lussier
  • Year 2011
  • Run time 1hr 44m
  • Genres Crime, Action, Thriller, Fantasy
  • Tagline One hell of a ride

Milton is a hardened - albeit dead - criminal who has so far spent his afterlife in Hell. Enraged by the murder of his daughter and the imminent sacrifice of his baby granddaughter by a brutal religious cult, Milton breaks out to stop the REAL evil-doers before they fully unleash Hell on Earth. Aided by a seriously hot and sassy waitress Piper and driving a cherry red muscle car which Piper liberates from her meat-head ex, Milton is blazing a trail in pursuit of the brutal cult leader. But Milton’s being hounded too – not only by the police but by an enigmatic character known only as The Accountant, who has been sent by the Devil to bring Milton back to Hell.

Live Blog

Time Comment
2:21 That’s like Spaghetti Junction.
2:58 I’m not sure Nicolas Cage can be taken seriously with long hair.
4:16 At the full moon she’s dead? What can be so special about a baby?
5:44 Diner uniforms are so weird. At least she’s accessorising the pink with some rocking cowboy boots.
7:53 I’ve never seen that happen in any cafe I’ve been in.
9:45 She does have a nice car. Even when it’s smoking.
11:59 I never really thought of “probably looked out of place” as a good way of describing someone, but it seems to be working.
13:02 He’s just walking, walking, walking after him? He’ll never catch him like that.
16:46 I’m very impressed with her punching, even if Mr Cage still had to come to her rescue.
19:03 I do hate shorts where the pockets stick out the bottom.
23:46 Calls him Hugo Boss. Cos he’s wearing a suit, see.
25:51 I’m not so sure that the FBI are allowed to stake people in the eye though.
30:27 How come Jonah is there? Is he chasing Milton or is Milton chasing him?
37:18 Nicolas Cage has reached the age where he is starting to play grandpa.
40:03 “Anyone NOT trying to kill you?” “No.”
42:33 If he is death, he is lacking a scythe.
52:06 Her car makes an awesome noise.
53:06 So he’s already dead. Is that the twist?
1:01:21 That man’s hair is utterly ridiculous. How did they ever let him in a film looking like that?
1:09:24 Why do cult leaders seem to prefer wearing red velvet?
1:13:12 Did his eye grow back a different colour?
1:15:27 “Federal Bureau of get the F out my way.” That’ll work.
1:20:33 It’s all gone a bit Buffy.
1:27:10 After all that shooting, they just end up in a fist fight.
1:32:47 Mr C can vouch for the fact that I called this ending way back.
1:37:04 And that explains the bit at the beginning.


I don’t really know why we wanted to watch this one, other than the fact it has Amber Heard in it, and Mr C thinks she is quite lovely - as first spotted in The Joneses. The trailer wasn’t much of a trailer, just some exploding things, so we really didn’t know what we were letting ourselves in for.

Not that great, really. It was gory but not bothersome in that sense. Some bits were gross, but it was slightly more understated than Kill Bill. If I hadn’t just recently watched those I might have been more affected by it. The story had potential, but it was signposted from far too early on, and left nothing as a surprise when the end came. There was also some rather dodgy CGI along the way.

William Fichtner was possibly the only saving grace of the whole thing. He was fabulous.

Rating: 2/5

Rating: 2 / 5

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