Published September 14, 2010


Film info

  • Title Bandits
  • Director Barry Levinson
  • Year 2001
  • Run time 1hr 57m
  • Genres Crime, Comedy
  • Tagline Two's company, three's a crime

When a bored housewife with a failing marriage decides to runaway, she ends up in the hands of two bank robbers who have escaped from prison. Initially attracted to Willis, she nonetheless also ends up in bed with Thornton and a confused romantic relationship begins.

Live Blog

Time Comment
2:25 Bruce has far too much hair.
3:05 That man can’t be a presenter, his gravelly voice would be annoying after about two minutes.
6:01 Blimey, he’s pretty violent.
6:32 Oh goodness, a ponytail!
7:40 Two bank robbers, one with anger management issues, one almost crazy with hypochondria. This can only end well.
11:26 Why aren’t they wearing orange?
14:00 I can’t imagine why these two are friends.
17:49 If they’ve watched the whole of The Great Escape, they’ve been there a while.
22:01 Excellent golf trousers.
24:40 “Women love a man who loves danger.” Huh. I beg to differ.
27:43 I like that kid. Doesn’t like the sauce because it’s too red.
34:42 It’s all very well dancing while cooking but she’s definitely gonna get hair in the food.
37:20 Total Eclipse of the Heart!
38:38 I like her reckless driving. Except the part where she ran someone over.
42:47 The outlaw code. Someone should write the official book.
46:01 The Sleepover Bandits is a terrible name! Makes me think of pyjamas and pillow fights.
49:55 Why is it a surprise to her that someone knows the words to Bonnie Tyler?
58:04 I always knew that song could bring people together.
1:06:20 “You stay away from me forever.” Nice.
1:08:57 Cate Blanchett has lovely eyes.
1:11:38 There’s a fear of getting smaller? That’s weird.
1:18:08 It’s always a girl that gets in the way.
1:20:59 I’m curious how many banks they need to rob to get their plans together. Are they just greedy?
1:25:42 He’s very sneaky, dropping the seeds of a brain tumour to a hypochondriac.
1:31:29 Wait… that’s Birdplane. Birdplane is an actual song?
1:34:44 Did she just eat a sachet of sugar by itself? Ugh.
1:42:12 That’s Betty Draper!
1:46:34 It must be very exciting for the policeman who sees Kate hand herself in.
1:50:04 Oh my god, I love it.
1:52:30 Harvey kind of looks like Lucas di Grassi. Yum.


Another film I have never heard of before that appeared on the iPlayer. I probably wouldn’t have been tempted to watch it except for the fact that it had Bruce Willis smiling down at me. Who can resist a bit of Bruce?

I wasn’t sure to start with, how interesting a film could be about two mis-matched robbers failing to rob a bank. But it was really very good. The partnership between Bruce and Billy-Bob developed really well, and whilst I wasn’t that keen on the relationship with the woman, she did bring Bonnie Tyler into the film, so I am happy with that.

Rating: 3 / 5

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