Zombies, Run! by Naomi Alderman

Published October 17, 2020

Zombies, Run! by Naomi Alderman

Book info

  • Title Zombies, Run!
  • Author Naomi Alderman
  • Year 2016
  • Genres Horror, Science Fiction

The zombie apocalypse is here. We have all lost a lot, but we are surviving. Together we will overcome the outbreak but we need every man, women and child to do their bit. This is an informational guide to help you stay fit and healthy in both body and mind during the crisis. It includes: Indoor activities that build the strength, stamina and flexibility you need to survive contact with the zombie hordes, Expertly-designed running, cycling and swimming programmes to build up your distance safely when venturing out for supplies, Advice on nutritious meals when resources are sparse and treats need to be rationed, Tips on building and maintaining a community and remaining fit of mind when humanity is pushed to the brink. The advice within the pages of ZOMBIES, RUN! will prove the difference between life and death in the coming days, weeks and months. Humans are wondrous beings; this is not the end of us.


Every now and then I dip into the world of Zombies Run even though I’m not much of a runner these days. I forgot I had bought this book a while back, and actually reading it now was really uncomfortable! It’s brilliantly written and gets you right into the world they are portraying. But some of the hopeful notes and “being healthy is all you can do right now” messages were surprisingly on point.

It’s great though, I love the uplifting nature, the gentle nudging that something is better than nothing, and whilst I don’t know that we’re going to need the notes on how to dispatch zombies with makeshift weapons, the thoughts on introducing a workout routine into your life or making the most of all available food is useful in a zombie-infested landscape or just plain modern life as well.

Rating: 4 / 5

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